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Pauls Products has Fresh Harly Wax IN-STOCK NOW.


Pauls Products has the Greatest Harly Wax in all the world.  
Just pure Brazilian #1 yellow Carnauba.


Wonderful for new car finishes plus Harlys Wax wipes off so easily.

Pauls has been distributing Harly car wax for 40 years.
Harlys is sold by Mail Order only.

The finest know-how in manufacturing secrets goes into this award winning product.

Original formulas are always used repeatedly & continually.
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Users are, for all time, solidly and fanatically committed to Harlys.
Once trying this wonderful Brazilian Wax, they barely ever change waxes.

Harlys and our customers constantly seem to stay dedicated and devoted together.
Harly Wax is now in the making for 60 years.
They produce the most excellent aristocratic wax product available anywhere.

Harly Wax is made from 100% Pure Number #1 premium yellow Brazilian Carnauba.
It does not contain any abrasives, 
powders, cleaners, thinning agents or admixtures.


Harley is softly firmed smooth and does not crack.
It doesn't bubble or crumble for the purest car care buff.

Customers have said,
"Harly Wax looks velvety in the can and has a shelf life of many, many years".

Our aim and intention is to sell Harly, the greatest wax around the world,

to savvy polish users.
We want our customers to have that exhilarated feeling

when looking at their dazzling car finish.

We like to hear amazing Brazilian wax stories
on how beautiful their auto looks and the way they did it.
We love to receive email about customer secrets on paste wax application.

See Mother Natures Secret Formula.

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Worldwide Distributor of the Famous Harly Wax. 800-927-1361

Pauls Products has the Greatest Harly Wax in all the world.

Pure Brazilian #1 yellow Carnauba.
Wonderful for new car and exotic finishes.
Plus Harlys Wax wipes off so easily.    You'll be amazed.


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We ship Harlys mail order to all 50 states in 2 days.

We ship anwhere around the world very easily in about 6 days.


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